Controltech Time Zone Hydration System

Designed with gravity fed aerodynamic to be the most functional, horizontal BTA hydration system. Embedded magnets at integrated bento-box enables the rider to secure the straw easily during the ride.


  • Optimized aerodynamic shape to minimize system drag.
  • Accommodates to the center to center width of aerobar extension between 90mm-120mm.
  • Integrated big storage offers the triathlete a party time with plenty nutrition during the ride.
  • Computer mount positions perfectly at the front of the system for optimal viewing.
  • Easy Refill Port design.
  • Volume: 800ml.
  • Straw Positioning: Adjust the plastic wedge on the straw to set up the straw position according to your preference or store the straw on the integrated bento-box.
  • Minimal computer mounting design to be compatible with Garmin and Go Pro.
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L262 x W71 x H191mm


90mm to 120mm (center to center)



Additional information

Weight 396 g



It’s easy to make a simple product look simple – but it takes genius to make a complex one elegant. That’s where Controltech excels. Components such as handlebars, seatposts and even wheels may look simple, but if you want high performance, you inevitably introduce a great deal of complexity under the skin and behind the scenes. At Controltech, we break that down to four key elements. First, there’s the ideas stage, but even our Research & Development is inextricably linked with a hard understanding of materials and manufacturing. Our innovation and engineering overlaps real-world riding with pure science and good engineering – it’s the only way to work out not just what’s possible, but what’s desirable. Next, we look at aerodynamics, using a mix of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and real-world performance testing. It’s a vital area for road and especially triathlon products, and our longstanding expertise in carbon fiber and high-precision alloy milling mean Controltech’s use of shaping is second to none.


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