Controltech Rib Bottle Cage


Stylish bottle cage that keeps your water bottle in place

Controltech BC38 Water Bottle Cage – Durable lightweight cycling bottle cage that allows quick access to the cycling bottle and slotting back as well. Secure the bicycle water bottle in place even during rough and cobbled road. Buy Controltech BC-38 water bottle cage from New Era Cycle online bike store, providing sales for wide range of road & mtb cycling water bottle cages and accessories. Global shipping available.

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  • Aesthetic design with light weight: 35g.
  • Unique shape to secure your water bottle over rough and cobbled roads.


Made For

Road racing, sportive riding and cyclocross







It’s easy to make a simple product look simple – but it takes genius to make a complex one elegant. That’s where Controltech excels. Components such as handlebars, seatposts and even wheels may look simple, but if you want high performance, you inevitably introduce a great deal of complexity under the skin and behind the scenes. At Controltech, we break that down to four key elements. First, there’s the ideas stage, but even our Research & Development is inextricably linked with a hard understanding of materials and manufacturing. Our innovation and engineering overlaps real-world riding with pure science and good engineering – it’s the only way to work out not just what’s possible, but what’s desirable. Next, we look at aerodynamics, using a mix of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and real-world performance testing. It’s a vital area for road and especially triathlon products, and our longstanding expertise in carbon fiber and high-precision alloy milling mean Controltech’s use of shaping is second to none.


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