Controltech Cougar Alloy Handlebar


Superb set of alloy road bars that improve aerodynamics and comfort.

  • Constructed from high performance AL6061-T6 material.
  • Alloy is the perfect handlebar material thanks to its impressive strength-to-weight ratio.
  • This ensures a strong and stable platform for you to maximise every pedal stroke.
  • Flared design along the tops improves aerodynamics.
  • Weight is an impressive 370g for the 420mm model.
  • The 125mm drop and 75mm reach is designed for heightened comfort.(reach 70, w380mm)
  • Triangular design of the drops heightens comfort while giving you a greater feeling of control. The design also provides a more tactile connection between your hands and the handlebars.
  • ‘Oversized’ 31.8mm bar diameter increases stiffness without adding weight.
  • Four widths – 380, 400, 420 and 440mm – guarantees these bars fit road riders of all sizes.
  • Compatible with Shimano’s new Di2 junction box for a tidier, more aerodynamic finish.
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Experience road cycling at its finest with the Controltech Cougar FL4 Alloy Handlebar. This exceptional handlebar is designed to enhance your performance and comfort on the road, making it the perfect addition to your road bike setup.

Aerodynamic Excellence

The Cougar FL4 Handlebar is engineered with aerodynamics in mind. Its sleek profile cuts through the air, reducing wind resistance and helping you maintain higher speeds with less effort.

Comfortable Riding

Designed for long-distance rides, this handlebar offers superb comfort. Its ergonomic shape and thoughtful design reduce hand fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer and more comfortable rides.

Premium Alloy Construction

Crafted from high-quality alloy, this handlebar is both lightweight and durable. It provides the ideal balance of strength and weight, ensuring it can withstand the demands of road cycling.

Enhanced Control

The Cougar FL4 Handlebar offers improved control and handling of your road bike. Whether you’re navigating tight corners or sprinting for the finish line, you’ll appreciate the precise control this handlebar provides.

Available in Different Widths

To suit your preferences and riding style, the Cougar FL4 Handlebar is available in different widths. Choose the width that best complements your physique and bike setup.

Easy Installation

Installing this handlebar on your road bike is a straightforward process, allowing you to spend more time riding and less time in the garage.

Upgrade your road cycling experience with the Controltech Cougar FL4 Alloy Handlebar. Enjoy the benefits of improved aerodynamics, comfort, and control as you conquer the open road. Whether you’re a competitive racer or a recreational rider, this handlebar is designed to elevate your cycling journey.



      Road racing and sportive riding








     4° (outward bend)







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It’s easy to make a simple product look simple – but it takes genius to make a complex one elegant. That’s where Controltech excels. Components such as handlebars, seatposts and even wheels may look simple, but if you want high performance, you inevitably introduce a great deal of complexity under the skin and behind the scenes. At Controltech, we break that down to four key elements. First, there’s the ideas stage, but even our Research & Development is inextricably linked with a hard understanding of materials and manufacturing. Our innovation and engineering overlaps real-world riding with pure science and good engineering – it’s the only way to work out not just what’s possible, but what’s desirable. Next, we look at aerodynamics, using a mix of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and real-world performance testing. It’s a vital area for road and especially triathlon products, and our longstanding expertise in carbon fiber and high-precision alloy milling mean Controltech’s use of shaping is second to none.


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