MB Wear Socks Fun Animalier

Transversal product, can be used throughout the year. It is the right compromise between structure – lightness – comfort and above all design.

Structured for professionals and ideal for all users who want a product that guarantees great performance, incredible durability and unique designs that give a fashion touch to sports. Equipped with a network with breathable channels throughout its construction.

Thanks to the weft used and the degree of tension of the fibers, it also helps circulation, so as to guarantee excellent sensitivity and a dry and airy foot.


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MB Wear

MB WEAR was born out of the passion between Tiziano Dall’Antonia and Marco Bandiera, two professional bicyclists who managed to transform their many years of experience into a true advantage for their products. This is a brand invented with the purpose to create a sport product made of high quality raw materials and capable of ensuring comfort, strength and durability. Those features were put into the creation of professional products designed for the world of bicycling, running and nordic skiing, each one of them loaded with distinctive and specific features but always relying on the same philosophy. The philosophy of our products

Filosofia del Prodotti

“When specifications are high, the difference lies with details.“ This is the motto of the founders of the MB WEAR brand, a philosophy which turned out to be successful and which is a characteristic of all their products. The items developed for use in bicycling, running and nordic skiing are remarkable for the included innovations and attention to the technical aspect which guarantees to the one who wears them high level of comfort and excellent achievements.

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